The 5 Step Strategy Professional Women Use to Thrive After a Toxic Relationship, Reclaim Their Identity & Skyrocket Their Self-Worth.

(Without researching narcissism or spending years in therapy)


During this free masterclass you'll learn...

  • The exact, step-by-step system my amazing clients use to pick up the pieces, rebuild their self-worth and finally feel confident even if they feel like a lost cause. 

  • Why swearing off men and researching narcissism is the worst way to overcome heartache and the simple technique my clients use to attract Mr. Right and absolutely repel Mr. Wrong. 

  • How my clients stand up for themselves, set healthy boundaries and fearlessly go after what they want, even if they've been chronic people-pleasers, fixers or overachievers their entire lives.

  • How my clients radiate confidence, embrace vulnerability, unapologetically ask for what they want and open their hearts to love again... even if they've been isolated or avoidant of getting "back out there" for months or years.

  • And....HOW my clients are able to do all of this without years and years of therapy or even if they've repeatedly attracted emotionally unavailable partners. 

Bethany Dotson

Relationship Coach 

Bethany is a relationship expert and mindfulness mentor with a decade of experience helping women reconnect with their self-worth, heal past trauma and reclaim their power in order to break the cycle of bad relationships and attract the love and life beyond their wildest dreams.